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How we work:

Our approach to each project adjusts to the client’s personal style, design interests, or practical needs.  Whether you come to us with a fully formed concept and detailed design for your project, or simply have a vague notion of what you want and would like to explore and discover your options, we can work with you to a successful end.  In general terms, depending on your specific project’s scope, we will work with you through a progressive series of events as the project moves from the first stages of design development onward into fabrication, installation, and completion.  Starting with an initial conversation about your project ideas and design needs we will then move on to site-visits and lay-out planning, development of draft designs and samples, written cost and time-frame estimates, and through to the finalized agreements and drawings.  Once the project specifications and estimates are agreed upon a 50% deposit will be requested in order to purchase materials and commence fabrication.  Subsequent intermediate payments may or may not be scheduled depending on the scope of the project, and final payments will be due upon delivery or final day of installation.

References are available upon request.